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Our objective is to demonstrate our ability to become a valued and constructive partner with boards and management and to encourage smaller companies to adopt the highest standards of governance towards the goal of completing an Uplisting.


  • Client Focus – Uplisting.com plans, consults & submits Uplist strategies for Nano, micro and small cap issuers.
  • Mandate – Uplisting.com mandate is to quarterback, yet work hand in hand with your company’s legal, audit and communication teams.
  • Responsibility – Uplisting.com is designed to add value and assist the C-Suite in their responsibilities to shareholders and other key stakeholders.
  • Budget – Uplisting.com is designed to be cost effective with a customized package based on the needs of each issuer client.
  • Ongoing – Uplisting.com is designed to be easily integrated and implemented into the day-to-day activities of the Board of Directors and Senior Management to ensure a seamless transition once a senior exchange approval has been received.

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