COMPANY REVIEW would like to ensure that our clients clearly understand our services offering with respect to an Uplist. We will complete and submit a situational analysis overview prior to an engagement then arrange a “company review” consultation so you understand the issues you must address to uplist. During the consultation, the overview is provided outlining the importance of “best practices” including the mandatory corporate governance component. You will have a chance to ask questions and discuss your concerns surrounding the topics of “best practices” exchange listing requirements, regulatory rules, and implementation.


What can I expect from the company review and consultation process?


  • Exchange & Needs analysis discussion.
  • will be asking questions about your business, and current listing.
  • will guide you on what actions are required to commence an application and start the process.
  • can assist in determining an expected timeline.
  • Outline management Next Steps
  • Q&A with - This is time spent ascertaining how we can improve the issuers policies, or how resources can be adapted to the existing issuers practices such as governance to ensure success.

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