COMPANY PROFILE was established to assist micro and small cap companies plan, design, and implement a strategy to uplist to a senior exchange in order to improve and enhance shareholder value.


Our focus is on companies that have demonstrated commitment to their shareholders underpinned by the company’s above average growth potential so that listing on a senior exchange, with the assistance of UpListing com, is an obvious benefit.  From the “Getting to Know You” stage, we conduct due diligence, exchange analysis, and diagnostic review of each company and actively work with the C-suite and senior management to align the uplist objective with expectations towards completion of a successful Uplist.


Our principals, contributors, and key advisors of are entrepreneurs with relevant backgrounds in compliance, legal, corporate finance, business management, investment management and governance consulting.


Our approach to listing on a senior exchange has been successful by building solid collaborative relationships with our clients and other professionals based on performance and trust.  Our primary objective is to create a “best practices” environment for the companies we represent.

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